Each a slogan to see how to give yourself a tag watch brand

A simple slogan brought together the concept of brand,

culture, values, and so on information. A good AD value daughter, tend to give the brand big points, then these slogan of wrist watch brand, which one do you like?

1. Omega: the choice of XXX
For example: the choice of nicole kidman, Eddie redmayne, choice, related to advertising spokesperson.
Omega advertising figure

2. The rolex: a rolex, a story
Rolex used classic advertising, such as: “rolex never change the world, but will leave it to wear it”. Domestic website slogan is more straightforward, simple “luxury watches, classic noble choice”, the feeling is true.Wholesale rolex watches from manufacturer.

3. All nations: the iwc, specially designed for men
Although now the universal female table do very well, but this sentence for men’s slogan, moreover once the slogan, also let many people remember: “we really don’t know how long can a iwc go, because we only have set up in 140.”

4. The tiger tag heuer: fearless challenge self achievement

5. Treasure ji: when the invention pioneer, the inventor of the tourbillon
Each a slogan to see how to give yourself a tag watch brand

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