In addition to show the identity of the rolex,what else”boss Watch” ?

Mention Swiss luxury watches, I am afraid make you immediately think of rolex rather than a patek philippe. Patek philippe as high above the goddess of the film, the world can have a few talents, sometimes even if also can not get rich, dream is really point. And rolex, like a real Bai Fu beauty, ordinary people through common efforts will also be able to counter attack “Bai Fu beauty”.

Rolex is a lot of recognised by the Chinese world, in other words, is the ground. Such a sentence, “get” (rolex) where there is Chinese, are well recognized, when necessary, to “lift” (when) at any time. Have a rolex, prove at least you mix, rolex has become bosses “arty” artifact.
Today, we will tell what so-called “boss”.

Pilot: time iwc
According to the small make up, the nations do men watch before. But since last year began wading neutral wrist, and invited zhou xun, etc to commercials, recently took a universal pilot zhou xun series of ads, flavour is dye-in-the-wood, very smart in restoring ancient ways, you can go and see. It home watch series, such as the elegant, fashion BaiTao fe, the pilot, professional diving watches Marine chronometer, complex Portuguese series and so on. Although may be less than the rolex profile, but now the nations watch influence “to be reckoned with!

One of the most famous red Watch: omega
In addition to show the identity of the rolex “boss Watch” what else?
Omega in domestic popularity as rolex, longines, this also is to enter one of the earliest domestic brands, as early as the second cooperation of kuomintang and MAO zedong to chongqing negotiations in guo moruo had sent an omega wrist watch. Omega wrist watch many series, each series of design is very classic, such as the butterfly fly, noble elegant signs of the zodiac, movement of the hippocampus, there is also a professional super series of timing. Brand always pay attention to spokesperson marketing concept in recent years, including successively invited international supermodel Cindy? Crawford, the famous race car driver, Michael? Schumacher, zhang ziyi, George clooney for omega.

Bling: Cartier watches
Xu, Cartier is made best jewelry watches inside, is jewelry watches best. Cartier successively in recent years, with the support of Roger dolby set up their own machine factory, and to develop excellent super paragraphs complex form and artistic form. On the design, the configuration of the controversial though the low end of the Watch, however, blue balloon, tanks and so on outstanding series already captured numerous graceful love Watch, Teresa teng Chinese days before very love Cartier tank series. Kadeya’s expensive gas, always seem so different.

One thousand # 2: vacheron constantin
In addition to show the identity of the rolex “boss Watch” what else?
Denton Dai Jiang poetry, provided, of course, have to have very much! Money! For example, have insider said constantin: one thousand # 2! Always follow behind the patek philippe. Second than the boss also go less than there. Vacheron constantin only produce more than 20000 a year, seems so year after year, a lot of watches is belong to “money can not buy the sort of.” On the product launch from super complex Watchs, three asked the ultrathin sheet to simple needle notting have is not a classic, classic wrist also exposed the tourbillon is rated as the most beautiful brand. In recent years, constantin single technically no longer catch up, watch of wrist of big strength development of the arts, such as enamel, hollow out wrist watch. Finally lift, hearing his father we worn value vacheron constantin limited edition of 5 million.

Maybe wholesale rolex watches is the mission for your job.

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