2017 world exhibition to international rolex mechanical watch

Series in the field of luxury goods, rolex watches is grave, practical, not flashy style by many people. Rolex watches success in the global scope of countless powder. Treated as honored, benefit to the international platform had to member feedback rolex watches sincerity acclaimed. 2017 Basel exhibition on the watches, one of the most classic watches rolex Datejust 41 finally launched steel versions, as rising beyond the international Wholesale  Rolex watches.

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It is reported this watch is equipped with 904 l stainless
steel casing, white triangle grooved bezel and bright blue
dial. Crown using rolex double lock system, thus water
proofing property is 100 meters. It is also equipped with a
904 l stainless steel oyster bracelet. It is equipped with
folding clasp and rolex oyster type Easylink extension system.
Strip, like most other rolex watches, time scale, the minute
hand and second hand made of 18 k platinum, filled the rolex
special Chromalight luminescent material. In particular,
Chromalight sent a lovely blue glow in the dark.

wholesale rolex watch

In addition, it than ordinary super LumiNova last longer. Date
window at 3 o ‘clock, and it is the iconic rolex one eyed
person, easy to read the date. As to the international
platform for entertainment elements of constantly, new rolex
Datejust 41 within new Caliber 3235 stainless steel, machine
more than 90% of the parts are new. Major improvements include
a new type of escapement, more effective gear train, longer
wind-up and more effective automatic chain components. For the
owner, it means a long power storage time is 70 hours, and
improves the precision and accuracy. Obtained the rolex
themselves by super observatory certification, error accurate
to + / – 2 seconds a day. (add V polite: yiqu9612)
For many, rolex watches, like porsche super run such top
luxury goods, means could only dream of. And for the

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Members of the platform, the platform is rich and colorful
stupefying feedback benefits, from bonuses to travel, from
porsche’s sports car to rolex watches, in giving feedback. To
bring the most extreme entertainment experience, to the more
hope with full sincerity, will be the best, the most taste of
fashionable life Shared with the members. The new rolex
Datejust 41, would be the next surprise? We look forward to
be together!

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