Rolex introduce a new version of Oyster Perpetual Sky – Dweller wrist watch

This classic watches designed for people to travel around the world. For the first time with Huang Jingang paragraph (904 l steel combined with 18 ct gold) and white Huang Jingang paragraph (904 l steel combined with 18 ct white gold).

The Surface configuration rectangle Chromalight luminous hands and hour markers, distributing lasting light, clear, easy to read. Like all rolex watches, the new Sky – Dweller rolex set out of the top 2015 observatory certification, ensure wrist wear can play a top performance. Oyster Perpetual Sky – Dweller is designed for people to travel around the world of elegant wrist, is the perfect combination of superb technology and simple operation.Many supermarket has already wholesale rolex watches.

Sky – Dweller collected 11 patents, in a whole new way to the global travel personage to provide the required information and make them easy to master in the journey time: watches, according to the features include a dual time zone respectively by the central pointer indicates the local time, partial shaft disk shows origin time 24 hours a day.

Another innovative calendar device called gauze (Saros). Sand ROM. This name from astronomical phenomena, with the same and the calendar device only in February to march every year school calendar. In addition, the outer surface has 12 small window display. Sky – Dweller wrist have an innovative technology patents: Ring Command rotate the outer Ring, can quickly and easily select the function of the calibration.
Rolex in 1933 Rolesor (diamond) is registered as a trademark, since an combination becomes rolex watch one of the marked characteristics. Rolesor combines these two kinds of metals: gold, is noble, and precious, rich luster, and swatches, therefore very attractive; Steel, strong, strong, can be comparable to trust. These characteristics are perfectly reflect the elegant temperament of rolex watches with excellent performance.

Sky – Dweller Huang Jingang, outer ring, the link between crown and band of 18 for ct gold, middle casing and strap on both sides of the link with 904 l steel. As for white Huang Jingang, outer ring for ct white gold, 18 middle crust, crown and band with 904 l steel. Sky – Dweller oyster type watchcase guarantee waterproof as deep as 100 meters, is a model of strong and durable. Shape unique middle crust to the whole solid 904 l steel casting. Triangle grooved bottom cover with the brand exclusive special tool to tighten, the watchcase seal, so only can open the rolex BiaoJiang movement. On chain crown padlocks have double double waterproofing systems, solid tighten in the case. Mirror with blue crystal manufacture, not easy to damage. 3 point location convex lens has a small window, convenient to read a calendar. Sky – Dweller waterproof oyster type case for high precision movement provides the best protection.

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