5 technical achievements for Rolex watches

Rolex first launched the “little red flower” makes me very fascinated by the red circle watches is really beautiful. Wholesale rolex watches declare in no uncertain terms.

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watch industry appeared several years later, is the Rolex “little red flower” with the. Because I was very fond of the little red flowers, so began to focus on the little red, the market, there is no right to see. Then I found that only about 23000 of the wages of the “little red flower” (then leather wages of about 23000, steel chain I remember is about 28000), two level of market price was very high. The watch had the first fire (see how many people were chasing the watch). After a few years, Rolex has launched the blue circle “blue flower” and “small black ring plated black black”. This led to a few Rolex dive watches heat has not been reduced. The “consistent blue flower” and “small red” price, black circle black plated “small black” was released, immediately burned second fire, put a drop-down Rolex dive watchess market to a new level, because this watch is very beautiful. Before I have the impression of “small black” market than the “red blue” as high as 2000, but recently suddenly found, probably because “black” rather than “red and blue”, and many people chase, “black market” was still rising, now more than more than 4 thousand “red and blue” on high. Not only did not cool but warming up.
Rolex red ring, blue circle Black Bay, namely the watches fan mouth of the “blue flower” and “little red flowers”.
However, has been very fire “small black” is actually not the highest heat Rolex. The most recent Rolex watches is “bronze” (referred to as “small copper flower”). Rolex bronze diving watches has just launched, it became “the wages of 28500, his only bronze diving watches, it is up to more than 30 thousand. I am very surprised, don’t thought this “small Rolex copper flower” to put Rolex drowner? Want to know the 14060 and 16610 generation of Rolex drowner now the market is $more than 30 thousand. In fact, in addition to the few flowers, Rolex professional diving watches PELAGOS (because the titanium shell, so called titanium axe) also prices higher. In a large domestic watch Trading Forum, there are 8 brands of partition, Rolex is one of (the other seven are Patek Philippe, Rolex, OMEGA, Cartire, Longines, Panerai, universal), visible in the domestic Rolex watches fans have a very high position, Rolex mass based how strong in china.
Rolex popular models of the black circle “small black plated black black bay”.
In fact, many people think the opposite, Rolex and Rolex belong to one, but the Rolex from history to the present, usually play a vanguard and vanguard “role, always stand in front of the Rolex, not Rolex behind. The history of God rudder launched a number of large diameter, color plate surface color watch (for example, the history of the cat face), do some Rolex can not do a breakthrough move. In recent years, Rolex also completed the 5 major technical achievements, but these are not Rolex, the reason is because there is a Rolex fire, real power.
Rolex titanium case PELAGOS diving watches, namely “titanium axe””.
The first big achievement: titanium case
Rolex PELAGOS is a full titanium case of professional diving watches, water depth of 500 meters. Because this watch is waterproof Rolex strongest diving watches, so the watches by some fans known as “titanium axe””. This watch is the first full Rolex titanium metal watchcase, watch the diving watches. Please note that Rolex is not a titanium watch. Because the Rolex titanium axe ghosts is a 42 mm diameter relatively large, relatively thick diving watches, so use titanium watchcase, greatly reducing the manufacturing chain of quality watches, reduce the burden to watch. In addition this watch also has a buckle quick adjusting device, can easily tune the chain length. No doubt, PELAGOS is the strongest Rolex dive watchess, not one.
Rolex bronze, aluminum bronze watchcase diving watches, namely “small copper flower”.
Second results: Bronze case
Although the first bronze is not to make a fire Panerai Rolex, but undoubtedly Rolex bronze to add a fire. Rolex bronze watches “small copper flower” was launched when the biggest characteristic is that it is an aluminum bronze watch. Before the 382 bronze watches is panerai. The oxidation rate of tin bronze fast, easy to produce the patina, so we will see some bronze rusty like panerai. The use of aluminum bronze bronze Rolex watches case is relatively swatches, will not be a large area of p.. The big problem with the bronze watch is that it is easy to stick the patina on the hands and sleeves. In addition, in order to bronze watches in order to prevent allergy, watch the back cover are made of steel, bronze Rolex watches cover painted bronze color, let the watch color consistent. You also need to note is that the Rolex “small copper flower” and “black and blue” Rolex disk of the disk is not the same. “Small copper flower” is 3, 6, 9 disk, yes, “small copper flower” is the use of Rolex’s famous exploration of a plate, which further increases the “small copper flower” uniqueness. Because the watches itself Rolex bronze price is not high, the brand value is excellent, the price is very close to the people of the copper sheet, which makes many people want to buy a play, in great demand, which further increases the scarcity of small copper flower “.

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