Where to buy rolex watches online

Where to buy rolex watches online? The key is to see where you are and what watch you want to buy. If you want to buy online, at firstly you can see the important information from www.wholesalerrolexwatches.com. If you are at home to suggest you buy at home, do not go online to buy from abroad. Imagine, if you buy a watch has a problem, then return, and communication is a very troublesome thing, and that link is also too miscellaneous hair. So how do you buy watches in China? At home, the average watch can be bought online without online, and the nearby store can be bought directly.

If it’s a patek philippe, omega, tissot, longines Swiss watch, so the first thing you need to select a set up for many years and has a good reputation online shop to buy, this watch quality is guaranteed.

Domestic basic price is the same, the 10% discount of the public price, the popular discount is lower, unless you know the person.
Foreign countries are the cheapest in Britain, because the pound has fallen so hard. The second is Germany’s 19.5% tax rebate, which is similar in Switzerland, France, Italy and the United States. Japan is a rolex, the world’s biggest sale, due to the gray market sales is legal in Japan, so the rolex parallel price is very low, is the domestic counters selling price of 5.5 6 fold. For example, the 116200 rolex DJS series is priced at $52,800 at home and rmb382,980 in parallel in Japan.

Hong Kong, which is closest to mainland China, is significantly lower in Hong Kong than at home, with a flat minimum of 9.2 percent and a price of 8.5 percent. Take the 50, 000 watches in China for example:
50000 * 0.9 = 45000 RMB in China
Hong Kong 46000 * 0.92 = 42320 hk
42320 * 0.88 (exchange rate) = 37241.6
In conclusion, Britain, Japan, Hong Kong rolex is cheaper price, but if from the trip, and see how easy it is to, or Hong Kong rolex is cheaper.

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