Rolex congratulating the spokesman kopka for winning the 117th U.S. open championship

Brooks copka broke his career grand slam title at the 117th U.S. open, winning the U.S. open in 2017 with an impressive final round.

Kopka, 27, now joins the elite of the grand slam champion. Since 1895, the us open has been thering is no lack of big titles, including once called the “big three” golf industry, rolex spokesperson Arnold palmer, jack nicklaus and Gary pryor. Some superamarket wholesale rolex watches from this meeting.

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Recently won the U.S. open champion rolex piet retief deals with South Africa – ferguson and tiger – woods, they put together a total of three times won the U.S. open champion, and in 2014 and 2015, the United States open champion Martin – MEL and Jordan, kay.
Began to final round, popular science and as the representative of rolex Justin – Thomas behind leader 1 bar, grade is below par 11, he by the no. 1 and no. 2 hole birdie quickly enter the state, there in no. 8 hole into the hole from 30 feet of the ball, then he lead to below par 14 separate.
Transitions, popular science card was lost in the 10 hole one, but he is cool, on the 14th hole, hole hole and 16, 15 three consecutive birdie to let his grade to below par 16, equalling the record U.S. open title success, and extended the lead to 4 bar.

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After the game, kopka said: “it felt really good to see my name on the championship trophy like so many other great names. It was a real honor.”
“I have not been slow to come, but I believe it will be a special victory. I want to see my family, with them, and with all the people who have helped me.”
Popular science card had been on the European tour and the tour has won the championship, he is a famous rolex spokesperson, golf coach Claude Harmon III (Claude Harmon III) students, now success crowned us open title. There are plenty of good players in rolex’s nascent force, and a new generation of players is looking forward to joining the elite and inspiring future players to follow in their footsteps.

Rolex spokesman Ricky fuller in the us open © Rolex/Chris Turvey Rolex spokesman Ricky fuller in the us open © Rolex/Chris Turvey
Ricky – fowler talked about as the representative of rolex, songshan ying tree and Thomas, popular science card said: “these players will win a lot of grand slam titles, they will have a wonderful career. I think the younger generation of players is not common, their position in the score on the board is pretty good, so the title is now more difficult.”
The first three rounds of songshan UK were 74, 65 and 71 respectively, but the final round handed over the lowest mark on Sunday – 66, and ended up tied for second place.
Thomas finished 63 in the third round, equalling the U.S. open single-round record, and by standard, he scored a record nine. Thomas finished in eighth place below par 8.
Fowler, 28, was the front-runner in the first round, and his 65-pole (-7) equaled the first round of the U.S. open. Fowler’s final round was flat, and ended in fifth place.
Rolex communication and corporate image governor Arnold – was (Arnaud Boetsch) said: “rolex on popular science first win the us open title card. Science is to join a rolex family in 2015, the remarkable achievements proved his firm faith and great skills to become elite.”

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