How much did Marilyn give the rolex to Kennedy

John f. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, although he was stabbed to death has more than 50 years, even a presidency are unfinished, but his real life is rich and colorful, whether it’s political career, legend, or personal anecdotes, half a century will people be filed from time to time.

To americans, Kennedy was a very important President. He was the epitome of American personal heroes.
During world war ii, he commanded a mineboat to rammed into a Japanese warship, and when it sank, he rescued the wounded soldier from the deep sea and became a fighting hero.

During his three years in office, he sent all the navy and air force to blockade the Caribbean, forcing Khrushchev to be soft. He launched the Apollo moon mission, making the United States the first country to land on the moon, and the “space war” to the Soviet union, even though it was widely assumed that the moon landing was a hoax.
In the eyes of americans, Kennedy was a superhero, popular and popular, a super President with Lincoln and Roosevelt. Americans directly address him as JFK, which seems to have only two presidents in American history: TR for Theodore Roosevelt, FDR for franklin d. Roosevelt.
Recently, the clock circled a JFK event, bringing back the history of more than 50 years. In June, Christie’s was on its way to a watch auction in New York, with a Cartier tank wristwatch belonging to JFK, Jacqueline Kennedy.

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According to Christie’s data, the wrist watch is Jacqueline second brother-in-law Stas Radziwill gave her gift, have engraved memorial table back words, the original is “Stas to Jackie / 23 Feb. 63. / 2:05 AM to then PM”, Christie’s said that the beginning and the end of a 50 miles hike.
This is President JFK initiated a national fitness campaign, continuation of traditional TR President era, advised citizens to exercise to keep healthy body, best can finish 50 miles in 20 hours of hiking. The JFK couple, JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy, Jacqueline’s brother-in-law and the White House staff all took part in the event.

As a gift, Jackie painted a picture of herself as a walking activity, and the footnote was also a hike. The painting will be sold alongside Jacqueline’s Cartier wristwatch, which is valued at $60,000 to $120,000.
Before the Cartier watches the kennedys has usually only appear on the auction market, clinch a deal the price can be a reference, Jacqueline Cartier finally clinch a deal valence and stories behind these watches are quite interesting.
JFK’s most famous wristwatch, when Marilyn Monroe gave him her 45-year-old birthday gift – the rolex calendar, presidential watch, how appropriate JFK. The back of the watch is engraved With love, “JACK/With love as always/from/MARILYN/May 29th 1962”. “Marilyn will love you forever”, will it not? As it is the start Marilyn wholesale rolex watches from Swiss.

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The love affair between Monroe and the kennedys, as they were later declassified, was well known. A low-born, flirty Hollywood star who hopes to gain social status through beauty; But Kennedy was a playboy, and Monroe was just one of his many lovers.
Monroe was wrong, and the Kennedy brothers were not the ladders she had changed her destiny, not one, not the one, but the poison of her life.
Monroe sing a birthday song for the President, the ambiguity between she and the President, directly forced ask for first lady Jacqueline, JFK how is it possible for her to divorce, to derail the political future of light? The kennedys were not the Lord of love, but the political careerist of old Kennedy.
JFK refused to accept this birthday gift so explicit. It is said that when the JFK see Monroe turn to this gift, words is “get rid of it”, to get rid of, later be interpreted as the sentence semantic pun – less than three months later, Monroe was found dead in an apartment, police announced the cause of death was suicide.

Later, the rolex was sold in 2005 by an auction house called Alexander Autographs, which sold for $120,000, and is said to be from the east coast of the United States.
Over the years, rolex auction price is higher, it specifically for President JFK custom table, and a unique Monroe, if once again appear in the field, will create a miracle?
The next wristwatch, the name of the brand, has not even been heard of, but the story behind this watch is as interesting as that rolex.
This wristwatch dial with “NASTRIX / 57 Jewels/Automatic”, NASTRIX should be brand name. The same inscribed inscription “To President/John f. Kennedy/From the/EVANGELINES / 1963” indicates that this watch was given To President JFK by EVANGELINES in 1963.
From time to time, the President had not yet worn the watch, and was assassinated. Jackie later gave the wristwatch as a gift to onassis, the Greek shipping king, and to Jacqueline’s second husband, JFK, who was strongly opposed to the people of Jacqueline.

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Before she married JFK, she knew he was a playboy and would not accept her. But Jacqueline was born in a dilapidated middle-class family, and her mother, from her childhood, had to climb up the ladder to take the opportunity to join society. Jacqueline and her sister grew up to follow their mother’s orders.
When she married JFK in 1953, he was a member of the house of representatives and was running for the senate, while Kennedy was a former U.S. ambassador to Britain and the chairman of the securities and exchange commission, and apparently the Kennedy family was rising. Jackie is married to a future political star, JFK, rather than a flesh-and-blood husband. So she turned a blind eye to JFK in her marriage, and she made other celebrities, including the Greek ship king.
A few years after JFK’s death, his brother, Robert, was assassinated, and Jacqueline, who needed to be more secure, was best placed to be her sister’s former lover, onassis. It is said that the kennedys were killed because they had sinned against the freemasons, and onassis was the top man in the masonic, who would only marry him to protect himself and his children.
You might have found that the kennedys and Jackie’s sisterhood are a little bit more complicated, right? Yes, it’s a mess.
Later, this wristwatch for onassis was sent to the market after the king’s death. The watch was also collected for $120,000 at an auction in the city of andi in 2009.
JFK watches the highest prices from a omega watch of wrist of square, because the shape like Cartier tank, this watch is also called omega tanks, even early once considered is the Cartier tank.

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The back Of The omega case is also inscribed with The inscription, “President/Of The/United States/John f. Kennedy/From His Friend/Grant”. Grant1960 sent the wristwatch to JFK in 1960, when he was running for President and was not yet confirmed, and Grant was confident in his friends.
When JFK was elected, the square wristwatch appeared frequently in the photos he left behind, and saw JFK’s fondness and value for the lucky watch.
Later, the omega tank wristwatch also went into the auction market, and was reportedly bought back in 2005 for a whopping $350,000 by omega, which is housed in the museum’s headquarters in omega.
JFK actually has a Cartier wristwatch, but it’s not a square tank, but a round Cartier. It is said to be a gift from Jacqueline to JFK for the fourth anniversary of her marriage, with the date “9.12.57” on the back of the shell, which was married on September 12, 1953, just four years after the wedding.
This watch has not appeared in the auction, according to a website called JFKCAMELOT description, this wrist watch from JFK relics of the White House, after the assassination, the White House secretary organizing to collect all the relics of the White House, and then transferred to a private friend, JFK relics of the White House is now in the hands of men. But authenticity remains to be proven.
But Jackie’s Cartier tank is really going to go to the auction house. How much can you make? We’ll find out in a few days.

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