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Rolex has hosted a preview of the new Basel rolex exhibition in Shanghai “rolex world”. Here is very useful for your business to wholesale rolex watches. This is also after the Basel fair at the beginning of this year, and rolex has focused its new watch on domestic display this year. Although we have seen rolex’s new watch at the Basel fair, we have read about the popular models. But when we look back on rolex’s new watch for months, it’s true that there will be new feelings and discoveries. After all, in the last few months, most of the new rolex 2017 watches have appeared in the domestic market and have begun to circulate and have a market reaction. So what I want to do today is to combine the current market situation of rolex’s new watch to tell you some new findings and details, and as a supplement, you can make a small reference. I’ll put some pictures of the watches below.

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The first table, the scarlet letter sea
The red sea is undoubtedly the biggest watch of rolex this year. The details of this watch, which I have shown in detail in previous articles, can be found in the home of the wristwatch. At present, the new hongzi sea has appeared on the market, and it is not expected that this will only be bought at the price of the official official price of rolex. According to the recent quotation, the price of the scarlet letter sea is around 105,000 yuan (105,000 yuan, which will fluctuate). However, we can also see that the red sea has not made the rise of ceramic ring steel. It has been more than a year since it was made, and it is still overpriced today, and the market has not fallen (over the past year or more, and it continues). The hongzi sea makes it very much a novelty now, and the subsequent market reaction won’t have the heat of ditong. So I don’t want to worry about the player, waiting for a period of time, the popularity of the red sea will drop. Prices will return to reason. In addition to this, another one of my feeling is deeper, the sea to make the table more thick, red sea to increase the size, while the thickness not drop, but because of a large proportion to look better, don’t seem thickness is so high.

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The second watch, the “rubber belt” gold case ditona
This year rolex’s popularity has been taken away by the red sea, and the other new watches are less closely watched than the previous ones, but other tables have also changed. Let’s take a look at the “rubber band” gindy. The first thing I want to say again is that rolex’s “rubber belt” is not “pure rubber”. To be exact, it should be a “rubber injection metal strip” because it is actually a metal strip and a layer of rubber. The band was first used on the previous golden shell, and this year it was added to the gold case ditong, which had previously been made of metal belts and belts. The biggest problem with the rubber belt, including rolex, is that the length can’t be tuned, so the hands of the hands can’t be worn if the strap is cut short, and the strap can only be changed. Rolex in order to solve this problem, although can’t fundamentally solve, can only ease), on the idea of the new tape clasp with a strap length is fast, although this just switch can’t adjust the strap length large scale, but there is better than none, to transfer, is better than not adjustable (this fast, some rolex is not). And I want to say a little bit. The idea is very high, and it is very very high, small market in less demand, so a lot of time can have a discount, some idea of belt, under the factors such as discount, exchange rate, and the secondary market, the price is also not ceramic ring steel shell di tong and expensive. The market is so strange, the same money, I’m sure to buy a belt of gold di.

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The third watch, steel shell skywalker
I think rolex USES skywalker as a “joke” with us. When skywalker first rolled out (I remember it was 2012), it was all gold, gold shell. Rolex watches with a gold shell, we all know it’s DAY DATE. DAY DATE is the flagship of the rolex watch because it has been used without a steel shell. Skywalker later SKY – DWELLER, calendars, plus two, is the most complex rolex watches, at the same time in previous years, has been using gold shell. Skywalker has also become the most expensive watch for rolex (not a variety of diamond-encrusted, gem types). So I would have thought, is the flagship of DAY DATE not guaranteed, skywalker is rolex’s new flagship? As a result, rolex launched its steel skywalker this year, and skywalker’s price has come down. The golden skywalker is also gold and platinum gold, with platinum and rolex regular 116334/116234, platinum, steel and steel chains, the price is lower. This illustrates two problems. DAY DATE is the head of the rolex flagship, no change; Skywalker after tapping, prices from the sky to the ground, feel your gold shell, can see the steel shell model, even the steel shell, it is also the most complicated watches, rolex watches sold in no doubt about it.

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The fourth watch, the drill ring bag drill steel shell female dress log
I rarely mention women’s watches, and today I take the opportunity to say a woman’s watch. As we all know, rolex watches are very regular, no matter the number or the configuration of the watch. We can distinguish the material and configuration of a watch from the features of a rolex insert, bag drill, dog tooth, and aperture. Before rolex, the combination of the drill scale of the dog’s teeth is a symbol of the gold watch, such as 116233/116234, etc. The ring is the symbol of the golden shell rolex. This year rolex broke the law on the new women’s wear diary, launching a diamond ring, a ladled, graduated steel shell. This combination, while significantly lowering the price of the watch, still guarantees the luxury of the watch, with enough drilling. So ladies and gentlemen, please note that this watch guarantees the price and the face, please pay more attention.
The fifth watch, rolex’s new yacht II
Rolex has made minor adjustments to the yacht II this year. The adjustment is concentrated on the watch disc. First, rolex changed hands for yacht II. The pointer to the previous yacht II was a bar pointer like DAY DATE and DATE JUST. After all, yacht II is a sport, so rolex this year has replaced the hands of the yacht II with the iconic Mercedes Benz. Meanwhile, to avoid the counting of minute stitches, the minute hand is also hollowed-out. At the same time, the standard of the disc is adjusted a little bit. In the past, the time standard of yacht II was square, so now we have replaced the 12 points with the inverted triangle, and the other places have not changed.

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From top to bottom, it is platinum DJ, golden DJ, eternal rose gold DJ.
Finally, I want to say is, because the new DJ 41 mm (126300/126333/126334, etc.) I have written a lot in the previous article, this time in addition to surface the adornment such as fritillaria, nothing special, so he is not here. According to the current market situation, because the DATE JUST be stable supply and demand has always been a rolex watch, isn’t as tight as some rolex activity, so the discount, exchange rates, and the secondary market under the influence of these factors, the prices are good. The new DJ 41mm is coordinated and coordinated, and it’s a 70-hour power new machine, and I think rolex is now buying the right watch.
I have placed the watch photos that have not appeared before. Please have a look.
Rolex 40mm DAY DATE 40
Rolex is in the same year
Rolex pearl ladies
Rolex womenswear log type

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