Why the rolex green submariner is popular in the worldwide?

It has been seven years since the rolex green submariner was sold, and there is usually no hot style for seven years. Only it has always been a difficult one. Green ghost is sell expensive, and a watch is hard to find, all of the stores at home and abroad, basic green water, are out of stock, super value), the outer ring is the most difficult because of the green water ghost ceramic ring, green water ghosts, only one hundred per production nearly two-thirds will be in the final high temperature crack during filling and pressure ceramics and finished products with less than 30%. Maybe you know why wholesale rolex watches from factory is very important.

rolex green submariner watches wholesale

Today, I give you a little bit of a secret about the secret behind rolex green submariner’s popularity.
Saw a very fun last
The scientific name of “green water ghost” is the rolex green submariner oyster – type perpetual motion submersible calendar wristwatch. Since its birth in 1953, the watch has become one of the must-have equipment for professional divers, making it a generation classic.
The first generation of green water, using the aluminum green watch, the second generation using green ceramics, mysterious green gold dial material, this is it’s very interesting two changes, scarce production let this charming wrist watch is hard to find a watch.

rolex green submariner
One is cow talk
In 1926, rolex green submariner designed oyster shells based on oyster shells. To open the oyster shell, you must use a torque of up to 5 newtons. Oyster type of watch case back cover, it can be kept out in all kinds of the infringement, and USES the oyster type case “green water”, although in the back is the waterproof performance, but this is absolutely green water ghost see inner ability. Called water ghosts, that because of its strong ability to dive, waterproof up to 300 m, basically can handle human common underwater activities, go to the beach in summer surfing scuba diving, go to the swimming pool lark will follow one’s inclinations, don’t have to worry about love watch into the water.

rolex green submariner cheap

The second is performance
“Green water ghost” is equipped with the rolex green submariner’s homemade ace, which boasts a 3135 “automatic winding king” and less gear in the wheel, making the core stronger and more reliable. The two – way upper string mechanism makes the upper string effect higher. An instant calendar is another feature of it.
Three is high identification
Its watch circle USES rolex green submariner’s exclusive green alloy ceramic ring, which has both the hardness of the ceramic and the shiny sheen of the alloy, paired with the “green gold” dial to make it eye-catching enough. The nickname “green water ghost” also comes from its green watch circle and dial.
Four is a super and charming night light
As a diving watch, how can you lack a strong night light? The green water ghost is no exception, the night light is strong, the color is soft and charming, even in underwater diving, it can be clearly read time, is your most loyal partner in the dark.
Five is reasonable market price
Green water ghost is hot, and the right market positioning is inseparable, more than 70000 price can easily have the vast majority of middle class, and the most important value remains around 15% annually, so buying is not a piece of consumables, but a value-added financial products.
The last

Say a little crown tip on the dial:
Use your hand ring to stay in the position of 6 points, then use your phone to turn the flashlight on the top of your finger, then tilt the dial to see the crown.
Scarcity value, there really are ten piece of black don’t have a green ghost, rolex green submariner on green ghost pricing is higher than black ghost, also suggests that green ghost manufacturing cost is higher than black ghost, this is determined by the number of production, the output is less, the higher the cost of a single. But it is also possible that, as legend has it, the cost of the green ceramic ring is higher than that of the black circle.

Finally the current watch and name the green water of the ghost of continuous hot market, also to some extent, pushing up green water, the name of the ghost, but good and evil people mixed up the market, the replicas of this paragraph of no less than 20, wants to earn the highest version of the friends is clear-eyed choose carefully, here to share the version of the highest water ghost wantong watch film, precipitation technology for many years, 7 version of the upgrade, the latest V7 version of the green water ghost is a generation of artifact, perfect reduction green water and name the verve of ghost. The author in the watch and name it industry for more than 5 years, dare not say the best in the industry, but also calculate the old one, only do the best with originality, and name it is not for the interests of the shoddy, wrist watch friend like or want to know, can communicate with me, must know everything.

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