The hipster can have two rolex by selling shoes

When the shoe seller, well done, is a very enviable profession in this era. In the United States, a 13-year-old shoe vendor named Mitchell Sozio has two rolex by selling shoes. His shoes, which he started with $220, changed hands to sell for four figures, and the profit margin in the middle was also very large. And now there is a media visit to him saying what is the dream job? His answer was that I wanted to be a boss because I never thought of working for anyone. And now wholesale rolex watches is becoming the second project.
I have to say that I have already been in the front of a lot of people when I was young, considering that I was still passing the note when I was 13 years old
In addition to Mitchell Sozio, there are actually quite a few people like this on instagram, and there’s a lot of influence on the young, so let’s see who they are.
Leo Mandella

Leo Mandella from Britain is a perfect example. Leo Mandella started off by selling highly hyped clothes on the site. After that, it is also because of his sensitivity to color, with unique combination of power and so on the ins to explode red.
Leo Mandella also does not have a fixed style, he just contact name is only a short two years, but also for tie-in between the item looks no acosmia feeling, each has a key part on collocation, this also no wonder the ins can attract the attention of so many people.
It’s possible to see someone sour, and his home environment must be good. But he admitted in an interview that his mother had not bought him clothes. Initially he bought a single item at retail price and then gave it a slightly higher price to make a profit.
After that, he gradually gained a certain popularity in instagram, and he also worked on the design and made a single product. (but the design is a little hot.)
This Tee, which is a black and white machine with a black and white machine, is his T-shirt, which I don’t think is worth, but on his ins, he’s also offered a price of 20 pounds which can also buy cheap nixo n watches.

Since his growing instagram followers, he has been gaining some attention from brand owners, and offwhite principal Virgil Abloh is one of them. According to this development, Leo Mandella will become a model of which brand, wandering between the fashion and the trend is not strange, after all, people have such a mind at a young age.
Nahuel Serrano
In addition to Britain, there is also a street bully in Paris, but the bully is already a resident model of the KTZ brand. He was only 14 when he first agreed to be a model for KTZ, and was said to have been asked if he wanted to be a model for KTZ when he went to the KTZ store.
Now, not only KTZ, some brands are looking for him as a model after seeing his appearance.

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