What is the key to the value of rolex? How to distinguish the year, must see!

Wholesale Rolex watches the first flag is a open finger palm, it says the brand’s watch was crafted by hand, which later evolved into the crown of a registered trademark, to show its supremacy in the field of watches, showing the rolex in watchmaking emperor qi. In the 1920s, rolex developed its first waterproof watch, and in 1926, rolex’s Oyster meter was officially registered.

Rolex’s second watch market is also very hot in China, rolex’s precision and ultra-high durability and value preservation! Rolex fans often use one word to describe a rolex: a “lowe” for ever.
The main factors of the maintenance of rolex watch are the following:
Whether the popular style, the purchase year, the color, the attachment of the card specification box is complete. These four are big enough to determine the value of a second-hand rolex.

So how do you determine a rolex purchase year when you get a watch?
Rolex fuselage codes will appear in two locations
The figure below is a rolex 16710 red and blue ring, because it is a very old one, and the 6 o ‘clock position in the ring is not marked by the fuselage.
Its fuselage is positioned inside the ear, and it can be seen clearly that the fuselage code is U88X836, because the strap will cause friction with the inner ear, so one of the figures is rubbed off. (U88X836) is a seven-digit code, the most important of which is the beginning of the U.

Below for rolex watch models between 116713 GMT, the picture we can see it at 6 o ‘clock direction directly to the fuselage code: Z455839, the same is 7 digits, different is its inside is displayed, and Z at the beginning.
In the following figure, rolex 116710BL is the upgrade product of FIG. 1 (16710). Note that the number of model Numbers is more than 1. This one or two is the difference between the new and old styles of rolex. Again, we can see that the body code of this is L12Y0292, which is different from the top two Numbers and it turns out to be eight bits and it starts with L.
After synthesizing the 3 pictures above, look at the following for the beginning of the letter and the year
At the beginning of the 8-digit code, it can only be distinguished from the form that rolex has produced since 2010. The seven letters begin with the meaning of the year.
The seven digit airframe codes for the year 2010:
“R” L “1988” E “1988 X 1987” 1991 “N” 1991 “(November),” C “1992 S” W “t-head” U “1996 1994 1994 1993 (August) A section 1998 (November) P” 2000 K (January) 2000 (September) “Y” (September) F 2002 “2003” (September) D “2003” (April) “Z” 2007 M “2008-2009 – v”

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