Rolex watches celebrates the 50th anniversary of the promotion of golf

Let’s put the clocks back 50 years — 1967, when the world was unusual. The first public appearance in France, the supersonic Concorde prototype machine – Barnard (Christiaan Barnard) success in South Africa the first human heart transplant surgery, the unprecedented surgery saved countless lives in the future.

This year, the Swiss wristwatch brand wholesale rolex watches also began a significant partnership with golf. Both in terms of stability and persistence, and in breadth and depth, this partnership transcends the vagaries of sports sponsorship. Since the alliance, wholesale rolex watches and golf have been walking together for fifty years, and the half century witnessed the firm loyalty and strong support of wholesale rolex watches.

Have the same interests and lay the foundation for cooperation
In the 1960 s, there is an American, he not only some golf altar, more with the charm of his affinity, the renovation of the leading professional golf makes golf taken on a new look, for the younger generation to create new games.
Arnold Palmer (Arnold Palmer) is the greatest in the world and one of the most respected golfer, in the third decade of his career has been in a peak, seven times won the champion, and in more than 90 professional tournament victory.
Palmer has been a pioneer in the world of golf, creating the future for golf. With his marketing skills, he promoted and developed the sport he loved. He became the first high-ball superstar in television. He was instrumental in the vigorous development of modern golf.

As Mr. Palmer’s career peaks, wholesale rolex watches is eager to strengthen its ties with golf. Palmer became the first person to play the role of a wholesale rolex watches, so the two began a lasting partnership. Later, wholesale rolex watches’s partners were expanding into the world, with all ages and levels of golfers in full expression of wholesale rolex watches’s love of golf.
On one occasion, palmer said of the long working relationship with wholesale rolex watches, “my relationship with wholesale rolex watches has been a great honor for my life. Frankly, I can’t tell you the details of the relationship. wholesale rolex watches has invested a lot of effort over the years to make a myriad of real contributions to the sport of golf.
“wholesale rolex watches to promote golf fifty” exhibition and media © wholesale rolex watches “wholesale rolex watches to promote golf fifty” exhibition and media © wholesale rolex watches

The time has been refined
The important partnership between wholesale rolex watches and golf has strengthened wholesale rolex watches’s core position in golf. In The 1970s and 1980s, wholesale rolex watches’s golf partners were growing, including The prestigious British Open and U.S. Open. The Open); The royal ancient golf club (R&A), which guards the tradition and rules of golf, and the American golf association (USGA); The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the American youth Golf Association (AJGA).
Peter Dawson, the most important figure in the world, neatly describes the relationship between wholesale rolex watches and golf. Peter Dawson for the International Golf Federation (International Golf Federation), the chief executive to R&A, he said: “over the years, wholesale rolex watches unswervingly support the development of Golf sports, including support for amateur competitions, increase public awareness of the rules of Golf, and Golf tournament competition cooperation, sincerely sponsored evergreen Open (empresa Open). wholesale rolex watches has gone to great lengths to be a pillar of the sport.
“wholesale rolex watches is not only full of enthusiasm, but also supports golf sports around the world, and I can’t think of any other brand that could compete with it. The support of wholesale rolex watches is devoted to the global development of golf, whether it is mass events, competitions or top players.

Personal achievement
wholesale rolex watches is known globally for its reliable precision and consistency, and every spokesperson is a symbol of the brand’s concept. In The mid – 1960 – s, palmer, Jack Nicklaus in The United States (Jack Nicklaus) and South Africa’s Gary pryor (Gary Player) collectively known as The “golf” Big Three “(The Big Three), The Three energetic will become The vanguard of The global golf. Nicklaus and pryor joined the wholesale rolex watches family during the same period, and the partnership continues to this day.
In physique, game, and drive, the three men are equally matched, and almost every game must be fought. Gary pryor, the reigning champion of the nine-time series, has been crowned the winner of the 18th championship, and has been in the top spot since then.
“I, Arnold and jack are all competitive, and the competition and the competition between us are always wonderful,” said Gary pryor, referring to the competition between the three. But at the same time, when one of us wins, the other two will raise their hands and say, ‘great! You beat me today, and I’ll be back in town next time! This is a healthy competition, very gentlemanly.
As a golfer’s current celebrity, the three golfers are deeply impressed by wholesale rolex watches’s support for golf. “I’ve worked with a lot of companies in my life,” says Mr Pryor, who traveled to Geneva to get a closer look at the inner workings of wholesale rolex watches. Everything in business can be negotiated, and only quality will not compromise. And wholesale rolex watches is a model of quality.”
“I’ve been trying to get in touch with big brands. wholesale rolex watches has long been involved in golf, and many of the great players have worked with wholesale rolex watches. So working with wholesale rolex watches is perfect.”
Like wholesale rolex watches watches are regarded as heirlooms passed down from generation to generation, the three giants of the golf legend also inspired generation after generation of golfers, and their success stories and inspires a rising star.
wholesale rolex watches spokesperson, famous golf player Li Haotong attend “wholesale rolex watches to promote golf fifty” exhibition and media © wholesale rolex watches wholesale rolex watches spokesperson, famous golf player Li Haotong attend “wholesale rolex watches to promote golf fifty” exhibition and media © wholesale rolex watches
A new generation of wholesale rolex watches
“The golf ball has been passed on,” commented Annika Sorenstam, one of the best female golfers in the history of the game. Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler and Jason Day are both funny, tenacious and personal. The Swedish player had won the champion, ten times and once in the wholesale rolex watches topped the world golf rankings, she added: “nowadays, rookie ready, let me feel happinesses golf industry.”
These golfers are a group of young people with ambitions, they are thriving, with a sincere, sedate and respect attitude, confident on the road to professional golfers, hoping to show its consummate skill and though ambition, they just wholesale rolex watches Cenozoic (wholesale rolex watches New Guard. This new generation of players inherits the mantle of ‘the big three’ and is eager to build a career in the world of the ball, inspiring and inspiring them to do so without following their footsteps.

Continue to support the sport of golf
wholesale rolex watches also spare no effort to support the golf at the grass-roots level, including the United States golf association (AJGA), wholesale rolex watches is the association’s chief partner for thirty years, for the modern golf has trained numerous star of tomorrow. Today, born from the AJGA, and has been added to player wholesale rolex watches spokesperson family include: Phil Mickelson (Phil Mickelson), Tiger – Woods (Tiger Woods), Davis – Ralph III (Davis Love III), richie Fowler (Rickie Fowler) and LaoRuiNa – Ochoa (Lorena Ochoa). As of 2016, the U.S. amateur championship (u. Amateur) and American women’s Amateur championship (u. Women’s Amateur has been born with 30 titles, with 24 of them and 25 of them from the American youth golf association.
In addition to golf, wholesale rolex watches is also committed to Amateur golf cloud, cooperate with the world’s most important Amateur Championship, including British Amateur Championship (British Amateur Championship), the United States Amateur Championship (U.S. Amateur Championship), Amateur Championship in Latin America (Latin America Amateur Championship), asia-pacific Amateur Championship (Asia – Pacific Amateur Championship) and a number of top Amateur groups, such as The Walker Cup (The Walker Cup) and Curtis Cup (Curtis Cup).

wholesale rolex watches fully supports the sport of golf, reaching all levels of events, including golfers in the later stages of their careers. wholesale rolex watches also has a long-term partnership with The US Senior Open Championship and has been sponsoring The Senior Open Championship since 2012.
In the past 50 years, the relationship between wholesale rolex watches and golf has been deepening and has been working to support the long-term development of golf. When the 50th anniversary, also comes at a wholesale rolex watches Series (wholesale rolex watches Series), the top new league tournament, aims to promote Europe since the 2017 season Tour (European Tour) international development process.

Keith, chief executive of the European tour, paley (Keith Pelley) in November 2016, said: “wholesale rolex watches series is set to promote the golf to the high quality and international spirit, these two concepts is also a wholesale rolex watches and European tour organizers to promote hoping to match. We are deeply honored to have wholesale rolex watches as our partner and we are very grateful for the continued support of wholesale rolex watches.
If the clock to fifty years later, we believe, wholesale rolex watches with a full century of precise and unremitting pursuit of excellence, and support in the past fifty years of golf, golf will continue to flourish, has an important role in sports.

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