wholesale rolex watches does not hold the value, but can not lose?

Because I read a newspaper article about the value of wholesale rolex watches two days ago, I also decided to talk to brothers about the value of wholesale rolex watches. In the general media, the practical problems of the maintenance of wholesale rolex watches are not worth the price. So I want to say something practical and practical from the perspective of players and sellers. Before I start, I want to make it clear that the following is the actual situation in wholesale rolex watches market. I will write it out and tell you that brothers can understand it as experience or knowledge. New players to buy a watch, old players to please each. Here we go.
This diagram is the refresh diagram of the two days, and many of the brothers have seen it, which is the problem of the maintenance of wholesale rolex watches.
There is no doubt that wholesale rolex watches is unprotected.
Brother sees this conclusion, will say, the auction meeting, a watch to photograph millions of millions, wholesale rolex watches how does not hold value? Yes, auction of watches to individual “day price”, it is a pity that these wholesale rolex watchess we couldn’t contact at ordinary times, can we come into contact with the wholesale rolex watches, basic it is the mainstream brand of watches on the market.

A rare antique watch at auction is not a thing.
Rolex Paul Newman’s “Paul Newman”, a sky-high watch at auction, has nothing to do with our usual watches.
Watches that are on the market are mass-produced and continuously supplied. What is the value of something that can be bought at any time?
Some people would say that I can get a very low discount, which is much cheaper than the public price. The problem is that you can get a new one with a low discount, and someone else can get the same discount. Unless the new watch is not worn, as long as the new sheet is torn up and the new shoe is down, it instantly becomes used. Whether it’s a few percent off the list, it’s definitely not the price of the new watch, and the price will go down. To give an example, it was a real thing.

A friend bought a new watch with a friend through a friend. My sister was very happy. I thought I would sell it in the pawnshop. I can make money. When the result came to the pawnshop, it was folded twice, and the sisters were so stupid. So that’s the actual situation.
Cartier key, is the new watch that kadeya began slowly to rise recently.
Some say rolex is the most valuable. I use one of the plainest words, “rolex”, which means that rolex’s recycling discount is better than other watches. For example, other wholesale rolex watchess may be folded twice, and regular rolex may be recycled at 50 percent.
Some people say, that my popular watch all store value, water ghost super fire ah. Let me give you an example of a brother who bought a nigger 116610. At that time exchange rate and discount, the price is good. It didn’t take long to poison the green ghost, and came up with the ghost for the green ghost. It turns out that the black ghost gives the second-hand business, the recycling price is 30,000, 8, and then he gives the green ghost.
Some people say, green water ghost now all super public price, a wholesale rolex watches is difficult to beg. The green ghost is indeed the most popular watch now, and there are always people who joke that the people who bought the green ghost are now making money. But in reality, we have to look at the situation. Watches and cars, also see the year, such as the 2011 green ghost, now want to sell to the high price is impossible (year, appearance, accessories, chain length, are affecting the value of a watch).
Green ghost now completely new set of spot price basically is super public price, but this does not mean that you have worn two watch, still can maintain original value, fall is ineviwholesale rolex watches.
So wholesale rolex watcheses that can be seen and bought on the market are not protected. Most of wholesale rolex watcheses themselves have discounts, plus a generation of new ones, the new one, the old one immediately fell, wholesale rolex watches how can it hold value?
The person will say, that simply, I buy two watch, oneself is secondhand, this total value maintain? When you buy a second watch and wear it for a period of time, you will find that you will lose money when you find someone to recycle. Sell it yourself, and you’ll find that people like you have a lower price than you do (because they have a lower price).
The black ghost is now more expensive than before, but the black ghost’s recovery price is not that high.
The above situation, it is the real situation in wholesale rolex watches market, want to experience the brothers, can sell a watch to try.
Since wholesale rolex watches does not hold value, why can you say “you can not lose”?
I’d like to share two sentences with you first. The first sentence is, “buy a watch not to think of value preservation, not health”; The second sentence is, “don’t criticize us for anything that is worth linking to value. If not, collectors will go bankrupt soon”.

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