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Zhou shengsheng and rolex invite you to a special exhibition to explore the world of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner watches. The watch is the first Rolex Submariner watch with a waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet) and is a model of the same type.

Rolex Submariner watch

In 1953, the Rolex Submariner came into being at the beginning of scuba diving. The voyager exhibition, which looks back at the glorious history since its birth, will be held on May 18Solstice was presented exclusively on the first floor of iapm mall in Shanghai on May 23.

The exhibition design inspiration comes from the rolex oyster bracelet, set up a series of interactive display of the exhibition hall, will lead visitors back dive coupled model for years development course, and shows which type of many innovative design invention, it achieved a perfect waterproof, seismic and carrying underwater adventure necessary function of wrist watch.

Visitors will also learn how the Rolex Submariner has evolved into a classic watch for amphibians on land and sea.

The prototype rolex Rolex Submariner was originally developed to create a robust and reliable Rolex Submariner that is technically and functionally designed to meet the needs of professional divers. Rolex’s innovative design in developing the Rolex Submariner model has made its contribution to the formulation of international standards. Today, the Rolex Submariner is still the leading model in the world of diving watches.


Rolex snorkeler classic design is impressive, its extraordinary charm is not limited to the sea world. The classic design from the original function of wrist watch makes it become the benchmark of watch making style.

Rotating the outer rim: to ensure safety, divers must monitor how long they stay underwater. The diving time can be accurately and reliably recorded by simply rotating the scale outer circle of the Rolex Submariner counterclockwise and rotating gurley to the ground.

As the only contact point between the inner wrist watch and the outside world, the top chain crown plays a vital role in ensuring waterproof performance.

Today, the Rolex Submariner is fitted with a three-button lock chain crown. The technologically advanced crown has three sealed areas inside and consists of more than a dozen different parts. The crown is firmly fastened to the oyster case to ensure that the Rolex Submariner does not receive water.

Rolex innovative technology rolex Rolex Submariner USES a number of innovative technologies for easier operation. For example, when wearing a wristwatch while wearing a wetsuit, the length of the watch band can be adjusted easily and quickly through the Rolex Glidelock extension device. The dial USES simple, clear shapes, such as triangular, circular and rectangular markings, as well as wide clockwise and minute hands, to make it clear and readable.

In addition, the Chromalight night light shows persistent blue light, even in a dark environment, the time display is as clear and easy to read.
At the beginning of the development of the model watch making process, rolex began to cooperate with professional divers to make the technical characteristics of oyster type constant motion Rolex Submariner better. The watch was born in 1953, the following year and then launch a new model, the compressive performance of double, can dive to a depth of 200 meters (660 feet), at the same time increase the dimension of the double clasp lock chain crown, make it easier to operate. In 1959, some of the design features of the Rolex Submariner began to take shape: the diameter of the case increased from 38 mm to 40 mm, and shoulder pads were added to both sides of the crown. A scale was added to the outer ring, and the first 15 minutes were marked with a minute scale, while a roll pattern was added to make it easier to rotate. In 1969, the voyager calendar came out. In 1977, the three-button lock upper chain crown with a triple waterproof system was introduced. Two years later, the Rolex Submariner is 300 meters (1,000 feet) deep. At the same time, the model is also equipped with a blue crystal mirror.

Wholesale Rolex Watches

Rolex has only used high-performance 904L steel cases since 1985. By 2012, all the Rolex Submariner models had adopted the latest design, with the new Cerachrom ceramic outer ring, anti-scratch ceramic word rings, and a Chromalight luminous display with long-lasting blue light.

Rolex which type is the birth of a as a professional diving tools and watch, but so far, it easily from the sea to the land, to become a truly universal meter, suffers from the model of universal wrist watch. A visit to the voyager exhibition is a great opportunity to explore the history of the watch. A great opportunity to see history.


Rolex is a famous brand in the Swiss watch industry. Headquartered in Geneva, rolex enjoys worldwide reputation for its excellent quality and exquisite workmanship. Famous brand watch of wrist of oyster type and cut lini wrist watch, are accurate and reliable, performance excellence, so each one are a day wen precision meter certification, become the symbol of excellence and elegant nobility.

Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans will madoff was set up, at first, in the development of the wrist watch successfully launched a number of major innovations, such as watch of wrist of oyster type appeared in 1926, led by only waterproof watches, and invented in 1931 on the automatic chain motion tuo. So far, rolex has registered more than 400 patents. We have set up our own factory comprehensive watchmaker rolex is the real, and independent design, development and production of rolex watches all necessary parts, from gold alloy casting, the movement, case, dial, and strap machining, grinding, assembly and modification, performed by independent brands a full range of process. Rolex also sponsors a number of activities and charitable projects, actively supporting arts, sports and adventure activities, promoting the spirit of creation and environmental protection. Wholesale Rolex Watches from China Factory Now.

Wholesale Rolex Watches

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