Rolex’s achievement hall is dedicated to supporting the return of the 3rd master salti class to the ncpa

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In Rolex achievement hall (Rolex Institute), under the support of George sol’s college (Georg Solti Accademia, referred to as “GSA”) and China National grand theatre (National Centre for the Performing Arts, NCPA) work together to jointly launched the third “thor’s master class which wholesale cheap rolex watches in China”. A four-day master class course, provided by the school core teachers engaged in high intensity training and guidance, this year’s mentor including international famous soprano and Barbara, fu li’s resident tutor li (Barbara Frittoli) including teachers to participate in the teaching. The master class program aims to give China’s outstanding young American singers a chance to learn wholesale cheap rolex watches from the best and most outstanding mentors in the opera world.

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For young opera singers at the beginning of their careers, the master of bel canto class at George sortie college offered them a rare opportunity. Founded in 2004, it is named after Sir Georg Solti, the renowned Hungarian conductor. The school every year in Italy’s pace kayani fort (Castiglione Della Pescaia) held a three-week summer course, faces the outstanding young opera singers, professor of Italian opera and bel canto realism period works, including drama, pronunciation and language training.

George sortie is committed to providing the world’s best young artists with the highest level of professional training to help them excel in the pursuit of art.

Over the past decade, George sortie has gained a reputation for professional training, rigorous requirements and an obsessive pursuit of detail. Throughout his life, Mr. George sortie has kept the remarkable pursuit of art, and the great artists he has worked with have passed on his spirit as a curriculum to the next generation of young people. As a professional organization with top faculty, George Institute of thor’s keep a long-term cooperation relationship with the world’s top art institutions, including the London Royal Academy of Music (Royal Academy of Music), New York’s Metropolitan Opera House (Metropolitan Opera), the Royal Opera House (the Royal Opera House), Julia Music Institute (Juilliard School) and the Curtis Institute of Music (Curtis Institute of Music), etc.

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The four-day “thor’s master class wholesale cheap rolex watches in China” one to one course will bring students including drama, singing style, audible and Italian professional training, and ultimately to a public class and the performing arts as the summary. This master class invited the top expert in the world today, such as George Jonathan, Saul’s college art director and vocal music teacher paabo (Jonathan Papp), language and pronunciation guide Stefano valdano plug Ronnie (Stefano Baldasseroni), and the international famous soprano, Barbara fu li, Joe li (Barbara Frittoli) joint instruction.

“Every time I come to Beijing, I’m always touched by the passion, the thirst for knowledge, and the engagement in the curriculum,” said Jonathan barber, the art director. We hope this week’s intensive curriculum will give opera singers the inspiration and inspiration to develop their own personalized artistic voices.

Rolex has been supporting George sortie college and its summer program since 2010. Rolex achievement hall and George sortie college share the same emphasis on art education, making it a prestigious Italian opera training program.

“Salti is great! We are very lucky to learn from the world famous teachers. They will elaborate on the main points of the song, follow good advice and give patient guidance, which is very important to the singer.

This year, gu wenmeng, a young Chinese soprano, went to Italy to attend the summer course of the second year.

Rolex is honored to be an important driving force for the long-term development of this project and other excellent arts and cultural organizations. The “master class” thor’s China continued the rolex to George institute of thor’s support, more interpretation of rolex since 2009 as the China national grand theatre dedicated clock the established close relations of cooperation.

Talk about the cooperation, George sol, dean of the school of candy silk, Wood (Candice Wood) lady said: “back in 2018, the masters of the third class national grand theatre, we are very honored to the bel canto opera art experience to China. We bring the world’s top professional music performers to communicate with aspiring young opera singers from all over the world and bring unforgetwatches experience to these new musical talents. Thanks to rolex for the support of the hall of achievement and for making this happen.

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Adhering to the brand tradition, rolex has been committed to supporting the best artists and art activities and actively helping them achieve excellence. By supporting “master class” thor’s China, rolex continued to live up to its commitment to art, and highlights the rolex again for a long time for the global cultural and arts enterprises support and infinite enthusiasm.
Rolex’s achievement hall is dedicated to supporting the return of the 3rd master salti class to the ncpa
Rolex achieved greatness
Encourage individuals to pursue excellence through philanthropy and education

The Rolex Institute is active in various philanthropic and education programs. This plan is based on founder Hans Bernard madoff Wells (Hans Wilsdorf) the creation of the spirit, he saw contribute to society as our duty, and to support different organizations and people, and make great efforts to create a better tomorrow, at the same time inspire a new generation.
For more than forty years, Rolex has been walking in the forefront of corporate philanthropy, brand launched since 1976 Rolex Awards (Rolex allow for Enterprise), is committed to support for breakthrough in the field of science and environmental innovation.

The Rolex Mentor protetion and ge Arts Initiative is The second large philanthropic project of The brand. It was first launched in 2002 to further promote the development of global culture. The project seeks out talented young artists from all over the world and works with them to become mentors and mentors to art masters for a year while working together to create works. Rolex also adheres to the tradition of supporting excellence, quality and performance, giving young artists ample time to learn, create and grow. Since its launch 16 years ago, the program has driven artists from different eras, cultures and fields to enhance exchanges and ensure that artistic traditions around the world are passed down from generation to generation.

wholesale cheap rolex watches achievement hall in the clock industry and technology sector has long been a prestigious education activity. Rolex, for example, is the principal sponsor of the Ecole polytechnique federale DE Lausanne (EPFL) at the federal institute of technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. Rolex has funded several watch schools in Pennsylvania and mumbai to train professional watch technicians in accordance with the strictest requirements of the industry. Graduates, however, do not have to work for rolex.

It is famous all over the world for its excellent quality and exquisite craft
Rolex is a Swiss watchmaker, headquartered in Geneva, renowned for its excellent quality and exquisite workmanship. Famous brand watch of wrist of oyster type and cut lini wrist watch, are accurate and reliable, performance is remarkable, so each one are obtained at the time of precision meter certification, become the symbol of excellence and elegant nobility. Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans ・ Wells madoff, repeated in the development of the wrist watch, successfully launched a number of major innovations, such as watch of wrist of oyster type appeared in 1926, for the history of the first waterproof wrist watch, and invented in 1931 on the automatic chain motion tuo. So far, rolex has registered more than 400 patents. We have set up our own factory comprehensive watchmaker rolex is the real, and independent design, development and production of rolex watches all necessary parts, from gold alloy casting, the movement, case, dial, and strap machining, grinding, assembly and modification, performed by independent brands a full range of process. Rolex also sponsors a number of activities and wholesale cheap rolex watches projects, actively supporting arts, sports and adventure activities, promoting the spirit of creation and environmental protection.

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