2018 Rolex Watches New models Collection

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In 2018, rolex introduced a new generation of oyster constant motion sea angel wrist watch, which attracted much attention in the watch exhibition. In addition, between gold Sky – Dwelle also got the attention of law fans, after all, it reduces the time rolex is the most complicated watch price. Here’s a look at rolex’s new watch at this year’s international watch show in Basel. If you want to wholesale rolex watches, Here is a good collection.

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wholesale rolex watches, The sea makes type

The new oyster constant motion sea angel wrist watch is equipped with 43mm watch case and rolex 3235 movement core, which is the first time for rolex professional wrist watch. For the convenience of reading the calendar, a small window convex lens was added at 3 o ‘clock of the blue crystal mirror for the first time. Classic red words on the dial “Sea – Dweller” borrowed from the first Sea type of wrist watch.

wholesale rolex watches

wholesale rolex watches, Sky – Dwelle

As rolex sold in the most complicated watch today, the Sky – Dweller collected 11 patents, involving precise and reliable basic categories such as ergonomics and waterproof performance, fully show the technical excellence of rolex. For a long time, the Sky – Dweller due to the only precious metal table, always let a person out. This year, it finally launched a gold watch.


Cosmological ditona

Rolex launched the new oyster type constant dynamic universe di tong, respectively ct of 18 gold, 18 ct white gold and 18 ct eternal rose gold, both supplement innovation Oysterflex high-performance rubber coated metal strap, and equipped with by the rolex proprietary black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring.

wholesale rolex watches

Yacht type 40

New – style houseboat celebrity model 40 sets gem model. The new watch is made of 18ct permanent rose gold, with a bright black dial, and the outer ring of two-way rotating scale is densely encrusted with colored gemstones and garnet, and a triangular diamond is inlaid at 12 points.



The new celini-moon wrist watch has a diameter of 39 mm and is cast in 18ct permanent rose gold. In addition to the display of the moon phase, the celliani watch can also display the date in the outer ring of the dial by the central pointer, which ends in a crescent shape. The new watch is equipped with a rolex automatic chain mechanism, and its patented lunar module ensures astronomical accuracy for 122 years. The cherini moon watch comes complete with a brown crocodile leather strap, paired with an 18ct permanent rose gold folding crown buckle, the first of its kind in the cherini collection. wholesale rolex watches from china noob factory.

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