Now the best deal rolex is the new DJ

Who wholesale rolex Watches the brothers should have known, rolex this year’s new gold Greenwich 126711 has been available. I saw a “fake message” two days ago, saying that the current price of gold Greenwich 126711 is ok, there is no overvaluation. I have a look at this is a good thing, 126711 is a rose gold, with 3235 new movement (3285), no super very very, the price is very high, more than five beads of red and blue circle steel shell, after all, 126711 is real money. Later, I went to make an inquiry and found that the price was totally over the public price. The actual price of 126711 was almost 20,000 yuan higher than that of mianjin skywalker (platinum circle blue plate).

wholesale rolex watches

Rolex new room gold Greenwich 126711.
I originally wanted to talk about 126711, because this watch is actually very good, and migjin, the new machine core, also conforms to the continuation of rolex’s historical version. If the price were better, it would be perfect. But wait a while to see what’s really going on. At the same time, I also took advantage of this to the current market to take a large amount of labor, sorted out the most cost-effective rolex or the new DJ (new DATE JUST) on the market.
126300, 126334, 126333 are now more cost-effective.

There are so many kinds of jobs on the market, we can take a look at the present situation.
The first is rolex’s popular model. Now the most popular labor, mainly ceramic ring steel di, gold skywalker (platinum ring blue plate), green ghost, these three labor, are also ultra public price models. In terms of price alone, the super public price is certainly not a good deal (of course, like nature can buy, is to spend more money, nothing else). In addition to these three watches, such as the red sea, the actual price is still higher than the regular rolex market, although it has been significantly cooler now than it was when it first came out. Including this year’s new 3,235 ghost king wholesale rolex Watches DEEPSEA, now available, the actual price is higher than the regular rolex market.

wholesale rolex watches
The new generation USES 3235 movement core labor still relatively high market, such as the red word sea angel.

Next up is rolex’s regular model. In addition to popular labor, most conventional rolex models, the market is relatively normal, the actual price is reasonable. But these low prices of labor, the main problem is the core. Now, for example, the new air master 116900, for a 214270, agent 216570, oyster type constant 114300, etc., the actual price is very normal, the price is good, but the problem is, compared to a new generation of rolex use 3235 series machine core, the use of 3135 series, the configuration is not as good as new. And I don’t know when it’s going to change.
Now the market is better, with the last generation of 3135 series of old machine core.

Use the new core again, the price is good is the new DJ.

In fact, until last year, I didn’t think the price of rolex’s new generation of DJS was particularly good (as opposed to the non-hot regular rolex). The main reason is that, because the new generation of DJ just came out, first came out the gold 126333, then the platinum 126334, and finally the steel 126300. So the quantity is small at first, and then the quantity increases slowly. For example, before that, the blue plate of 126334 has been out of stock. By this year, I can feel that the supply of the new DJ has begun to stabilize. It is easier to buy 126333, 126334 and 126300, so the market will be stable as soon as the quantity increases. Now in general, the new DJ market has been close to normal. It’s getting better and better. So let me be specific. From cheap to expensive.
First of all, all steel 126300
Rolex steel case 126300

Among the new DJS, the cheapest one is the 126300 of all steel. The public price for the 126300 is 55500. All – steel DJ features a polished watch ring, and a gold ring of dog teeth to form a difference. However, it should be noted that do not underestimate the polishing ring, as rolex platinum DD is also a polishing ring, please note the difference (platinum rolex is ice blue). The 126300 of all steel is a cost-effective labor, using 3235 new type of machine core, 41mm caliber, bubble eye, 100 m waterproof, super observatory +2/-2 every day, strong resistance to construction, strong capacity of storage value realization. Because the supply of new DJ now more and more sufficient, all steel 126300 under the factors such as discount, exchange rates, the secondary market, the actual price is very reasonable, for the people, is a very suitable for to buy a rolex.
Below is platinum room gold 126334

Rolex platinum interstitial gold 126334, for the general version above, for the package drilling version below.
If you don’t like the burnishing ring and want a brother with the dog’s ring, you can go to the platinum room with the gold of 126,334. The watch case and chain of the platinum room gold 126334 are all made of steel, but the dog tooth ring is made of platinum. Platinum and steel are similar in color, but platinum is brighter in light than steel. The common price of gold between platinum and gold is 71100, because the watch ring is platinum, so the common price is higher than the steel ring 126300. Platinum room gold 126334 is a very moderate labor, using the new 3235 machine core, rolex’s trademark dog tooth ring, also with gold, the price is moderate, very good. Last year, for a period of time the blue plate 126334 relatively scarce, as supplies go up now, 126334 kinds of disk are relatively easy to buy, and under the discount factors, exchange rates, the secondary market, the actual price is reasonable. In addition, like drilling on the brothers can also pack drill dial 126334, disk surface drill has 10 package, so that there is gold have drilled (have made), of course the price is higher then some, package drill very very is 126334 to 85000, the actual price is higher than conventional version.

wholesale rolex watches
And then finally the gold room
Rolex gold room gold 126333, the top for the regular version, the bottom for the bag drill.

DJ is always of the highest prices in the gold between gold (and of course rose gold gold), between the new DJ gold gold is 126333, because gold gold bezel, crown, intermediate between link is gold, gold, so the price will go up. The common price of the regular version of 126333 is 93,600, which is even more expensive than the 126,334 that includes the drill. It is the most expensive model in DJ, so the brother with more budget can go to 126,333. In addition, because 126333 is the gold between gold and gold, its recognition degree is very high, which makes people know it is a watch with gold at a glance. By contrast, the gold of platinum is 126,334, because platinum has no color, and it is not easy for those who do not know to see it as gold. The price for the drilling version of 126333 is 107,500. While the supply of new rolex DJ now, because the gold content is more than 126333 itself, however, is very high, so these factors in discount, exchange rates, the secondary market, the actual price is a little higher (if the price fritillary bulb surface is higher).
When buying a DJ, be careful to distinguish between old and new.
Although DJS have been upgraded, they are still in the mix of new DJS and old DJS in both domestic and foreign markets, primary and secondary markets. The new models 126300, 126334, 126333 and the old models 116300, 116334 and 116333 are on sale. Because the new rolex old style looks very similar, so when you buy it, you should ask whether it is the new style (beginning with number 12) or the old style (beginning with number 11). If, indeed, the language does not speak or the person selling the watch does not know the model, I will tell the brothers a way to distinguish by appearance.
In the middle is the new DJ 126334, and on both sides is the old DJ (left is 116300, right is 116334).The circle of the old style (whether 116300, 116334 or 116333) is relatively wide. The new model (126300, 126334, 126333) has a narrow band.This is because the old 41mm DJ directly increased the size, widened the watch ring, the head of the scale is not new style coordination. New style redesigned the watch head, although old and new are 41 mm, but new style narrowed the watch circle, the scale is more harmonious. See much still can divide new style old style. (photo/family’s yanping of wrist-wrist watch)

PS. Let me explain the new DJ 36 mm and all – gold DJ. Using 3235 new 36 mm DJ (126233, 126231), although they have been released this year, but there is currently no (including secondary market) on the market, the market, the actual price also don’t know, so leave aside, I know the specific situation, the quotation, let’s talk about the 3235 36 DJ.
In addition, all gold DJ, there are market, is to use the 3135 version, because up to full gold at this level, we usually buy the DD, full gold makes little sense to DJ (full gold DJ, than all the gold the DD, actual price cheaper), so aside.

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