Why Wholesale Rolex gold skywalker watches become more and more popular


Skywalker is definitely rolex’s most dramatic reversal watch.

All the time, wholesale rolex watches collection, the number one watch, is DAY DATE (DD). DD all watches are gold watches or platinum watches, no steel watches, no interstitial gold watches (except for very few steel case test tables in history). Unlike water devils, most sports are made of steel. Unlike DATE JUST, which is mostly gold. So DAY DATE is the highest in rolex. The golden rule.
Results, rolex out a skywalker SKY DWELLER. Rolex’s first skywalkers were gold watches. Gold, platinum, rose gold. As we all know, rolex doesn’t make complicated watches, it’s all simple watches, and the most complicated ones are DD’s calendar of the week and the countdown of yacht II. When skywalker came out, everyone was stupid, skywalker is two time calendar. When two places is nothing, calendar is complex function. In other words, the chronology of two places when the skywalker than patek philippe 5146, 5396, 5205 these tables are complex. It’s the most complicated rolex. At this time we will naturally assume that skywalker is complex and gold watch, high price, skywalker must be the new rolex boss ah. Rolex, however, refused to let skywalker become its boss.
After the gold shell skywalker, rolex actually launched the steel shell between the gold skywalker. Skywalker has come out of the steel shell of the watch (steel shell gold ring). New – style steel – shell gold skywalker out gold between gold, platinum between two gold. From the surface material, rolex skywalker and DATE are JUST the same, so skywalker’s status is reduced. I’m going to go from the position of the force DD to the level of the DJ. On the face of it, it’s not a good thing, but skywalker is on fire because of the golden version.
The earliest wholesale rolex watches  skywalker were all gold shell, the gold shell gold chain’s public price is close to 400,000 yuan (more than 380,000 yuan), the gold shell belt’s public price is more than 300,000 yuan (more than 320,000 yuan). This public price is high, even if this watch how cow, this price can’t afford to buy most of ah, even in the secondary market, the price still not low. Then the price of the murakami skywalker dropped to 100,000. Skywalker gold room price 129,900, platinum room gold 109,900. Gold between the gold is the gold watch ring, gold crown, gold watch chain middle segment; The gold between platinum and gold only has a platinum ring, so the gold between gold is more expensive because there is more gold. Now, the gold version of skywalker’s public price is low, so many people can buy it. Besides, this watch is the most complicated rolex, which is really awesome.

Rolex skywalker why cattle? Because rolex skywalker’s unique technology is that it switches the watch by rotating the dog’s collar. Pull out the crown and turn the watch counterclockwise. The first position is to adjust the calendar and month, the second position is to adjust the time, and the third position is to adjust the time between two places. Calendar, month before and after jump, very good. In addition, rolex’s disk design is very strong, the table is very complex, but the disk layout is very neat (12 small red square blocks at the end of the time scale, representing 12 months, the design is very clever). Unlike some other brands of complicated watches, it’s messy. So everybody likes to want, the gold skywalker is directly over the public price. Rolex’s super price is not unusual.
However, skywalker’s “plot” reverses once again.
Rolex gold skywalker, gold room gold price 129,900, platinum room gold 109,900. At the beginning, the actual price of gold is very high. Gold is more expensive than gold, which is normal. But what I didn’t expect is that the hikikomori also had an extramarital affair.
Rolex gold skywalker and blue plate platinum gold skywalker, the actual price, blue plate gold actually more than gold.
A few moments ago, federer won the men’s singles title at the Australian open. I don’t know much about the ball, but when he won, he was wearing a blue plate and a platinum gold skywalker. He wore a picture of the golden skywalker on a blue plate, and it was refresh in the WeChat circle of friends. Players, sellers, media, brands and more than N people are Posting pictures of people who are related to the watch. That changed the market for golden skywalker in an instant. I this person is quite passable, what car, watch do not pick at all, some drive, some wear, mainstream model OK. But as soon as the wind changed, a large number of people went after the gold skywalker between the blue plate and the platinum plate. I a brother, want to buy skywalker, want blue dish, white dish on the hand feel no effect. Gold skywalker’s market has changed again.
Now the reality of the golden skywalker is this, and I’m going to help the brothers sort of line up.
Blue platinum-platinum gold skywalker > gold skywalker greater than or equal to black platinum-platinum gold skywalker.

Blue plate platinum gold skywalker, is now the hottest skywalker, super price, platinum gold more expensive than gold.
This is just a rough line. Why? Because federer’s fellow blue plate-platinum gold skywalker is out of stock, the actual price may be around 13 when it’s available (the official price for the blue plate-platinum skywalker is 109,900). At the same time, due to a period of precipitation, the market of other skywalkers has slightly declined, especially the gold skywalker, not as strong as before. So there’s no difference between the average gold wholesale rolex watches skywalker and the average blue plate gold skywalker. The actual market is pretty much the same. So the only thing I have is the gold skywalker between the blue plate and the platinum plate. That’s the way it is. You can feel it for yourself.
The actual price of gold skywalker in black and white gold is going to be lower than blue, even though their public price is the same.
High public price is not necessarily a bad thing, low public price is not necessarily a good thing.
Brothers who play a lot know that the public price is often “useless”. If we buy a watch, I will not say the actual price, but how much the public price, the brothers have to call me a layman. So we can always anticipate something very “strange”. Rolex leather belt gold shell skywalker’s public price is basically 320 thousand, but because the public price is high, the market is small, so the actual price drops a lot. The public price of gold skywalker is more than 100,000 yuan, but because the public price is low, the market is large, so the real price rises sharply. This rise and fall, on the contrary, makes the difference between gold and gold watches not so big. So in this case, like the blue plate platinum room gold is out of stock and much more than the public price, so buy which brothers can consider themselves. Since there are so many brothers who have come to ask skywalker recently, let me tell you about this.
Platinum gold shell skywalker (top) and steel shell skywalker (bottom), their dial time marks are different, a distinction can be made.

The other thing I want to talk about is the distinction between the golden shell wholesale rolex watches skywalker and the golden skywalker. Because the color of the gold skywalker between platinum and platinum is similar, white gold skywalker is platinum, platinum gold skywalker is actually steel (only the watch circle is platinum). In order to distinguish the gold shell from the steel shell, rolex also made an article on the watch plate, so that people can distinguish between the gold watch with the public price of more than 300,000 yuan, or the steel watch with the public price of 100,000 yuan. The number of gold shell skywalker’s disk is all Arabic or Roman numerals, while the surface of gold steel shell skywalker’s plate is all luminous strips. A look at the plate can tell the difference between a platinum case and an intermediate gold and steel case.
Look from the current wholesale rolex watches situation, theory of real price, between gold rolex skywalker had and ceramic ring di took a spell (or ceramic ring, of course, steel di more cow, gold skywalker row between # 2). After last year’s “toss and turn”, the sea of the scarlet letter fell back, the green ghost became angry again, the ceramic ring steel di continued to firm, the blue plate between the gold skywalker rose up again. That’s the case with rolex now.

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